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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

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White House aides to President Barack Obama have expressed deep concerns with regard to the Carroll Foundation Maryland Trust case. Specifically delays to "direction and control" law enforcement actions being sanctioned by Scotland Yard in London.

The Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust is a philanthropic industrial conglomerate that supports over fifty charities including Oxford University the seat of the Carroll Chair of Irish History inconjuction with the Annapolis Maryland Carroll Institute Trust and the US Capitol Hill Historical Society. The HM Queen Elizabeth II and Gerald Carroll Trust charitable interests including the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Westminster London. The Kremlin Armoury Museum Carroll Russian national treasures collections the General Patrick Gordon Carroll Russia Jacobite library together with other notable charitable organisations throughout the Europe United States Australia and the Russian Federation.

Further concerns are being expressed with the latest revelations involving Dominic Grieve QC MP Attorney General who is Britain's most senior law enforcement officer surrounding dangerous ongoing obstruction offences in this case of international importance which stretches the globe over a staggering sixteen years. Further serious concerns in Washington are thought to also surround the current circumstances of Gerald Carroll the primary victim who is understood to be currently the subject of close protection and security arrangements following ongoing violent attacks in central London locations.

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